What we do?

We do for you:

Wind market:

• Wind turbine market research;
• Analyzing best option;
• Best wind mill choice for your location;
• Flexible sale conditions;
• Market Price;

Planning and activities:

• Inspection if needed (separately nacelle/ blades);
• Dismantling (wind turbines/foundations);
• Crane logistic and planning;
• Loading;
• Transportation logistic (sea/ land transport);
• Environment safety plans;
• Execution plans;
• Safety and health plans;
• Refurbishment;
• Recycling of wind turbine parts, oil, liquids;
Here you will find gallery with our videos and photos of executed wind plant dismantling projects in Europe.
We always offering for owners and buyers most optimized dismantling/selling plan to get always bets result for our respective costumer.
Almost 99% of our costumer gets much more that they were expected. In 99% of our deals we sold their wind turbines for reasonable and estimated price of the owner. Just 1% of our cases we scraped and recycled wind turbines.
Our clients always can get more reasonable calculation for inspection, transportation, crane logistics, because we shoulder to shoulder cooperate with our partners and contractors, who are always taking care of our turbines for lower costs, which is much different what You can get.
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