Construction of wind farm in Rokiskis district work is progressing

Construction work on the wind farm is gaining momentum. About one million euros are invested in infrastructure preparation and repair alone (widening, strengthening of roads, etc.). The construction of the wind turbines themselves is scheduled for next spring.

According to Andrius Čypas of European Energy Lithuania, a project for the construction of a solar module power plant will be developed next to the wind farm. To continue the development of renewable energy and to make more efficient use of the infrastructure of the wind farm being built in Rokiskis district, the company has analyzed and made economic and technical calculations and has decided to develop a solar power plant with a capacity of up to 70MW in the vicinity of the wind farm.

To expand its activities, European Energy A/S has set up a few subsidiaries in Lithuania and already this year one of them has started to develop a 70 MW wind farm in Rokiskis district, Kamajai. The company has already carried out an environmental impact assessment on its own initiative and received a positive conclusion for the nearby area. Taking into account a number of criteria, the envisaged location for the design and construction of the solar park is Rokiskis District, Kamajai, Gudiskis.

Renewable energy and sustainable development of the district is one of the top priorities in Rokiskis District, and we are always ready to help implement such projects without waiting for deadlines to pass, so that the processes are not only fast but also smooth. In this case, we will initiate the procedure for the preparation of the Rokiskis District Specific Plan, which will be executed and financed by EE Lithuania Holding UAB.

The Mayor of the district, Ramūnas Godeliauskas, would like to thank Raimonds Simanavičius, Head of the Architecture and Heritage Protection Division, and especially Ingrida Trumpaitė, Deputy Head, who are doing their utmost to make sure that these important projects can be implemented as soon as possible. As Andrius Čypas from European Energy Lithuania said, a similar project in another municipality took 18 months to complete the necessary documents, while in Rokiskis it took 9 months.