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Sustainable development is the creed that underpins Irecco’s bespoke initiatives to protect the environment, strengthen communities and propel responsible growth.

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How We Started Industry


 All functions including supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, manufacturing, services and spares, technology, R&D, etc. are integrated to give a complete solutions package.


Founded Company

EWB was founded in 2011



1st sales of second hand wind turbines started 2012.


Finland - 2nd motherland

We pround to get an opportunity in 2013 to enter in to Finnish energy market.
Since then EWB started cooperation with Largest and Greatest companies and partners in Finland.



1st delivery of wind turbines from China.
Increasing sales of wind turbines in Europe.
Major changes in Renewable energy in Lithuania.


Close cooperation with Vestas

We became costumer of Vestas. Lots of second hand of Vestas turbines supplied to Vestas costumers by EWB.
That year we offered for our costumers turn key projects, which consist of full actions including sale, dismantling, transport, instalation.


Solar Energy

Solar bacame our extra Target. We respect our close cooperation with Soli Tek Cells UAB.
Distribution of windmills to United States of America and Canada.


Project 'Hamina'

Involwed in WinWind factory End of the Era (Hamina, Finland) Details >


Project 'Vihreasaary'

In cooperation with Oulu sea port East Wind Brokers took Vihreasaary project and start of great cooperation with European Energy A/S. Details >


Project 'Cowboy'

East Wind Brokers took dismantling project of used wind turbine Wind Wind 750 kw. Details >


Project 'Umea'

East Wind Brokers had exellent cooperation with Umea Energia and local comunity in Sweden (Umea project). Details >


Finland - Africa

33 MW of wind turbines (Ajos/Vihriasaary, Finland) sold, and some of them dismantled, later shipted and instaled by costumers in Africa. Video >


New Era of Renewable energy in Lithiuania.

Investors and developers of Wind parks believed in vision of EWB to enter in to Reweable energy of Lithuanian market. Details >


120 MW of Energy

Under development 120 MW of wind energy.


240 MW of Energy

Under development 240 MW of wind energy.

East Wind Brokers sponsor

Support for the Promotion of Art


Art has the power to fill every step-in life with creativity, freedom and innovation. Although sometimes it may seem that art, on certain themes and topics, is worthless or has no connection with that sphere. Yet, if you think more, discovering creativity and artistry in completely non-artistic or straightforward situations is a great challenge, and, to my mind, that’s exactly what art is all about. It is a great pleasure to have received attention from artists, who have decided to apply a stroke of paint on the renewable energy of Lithuania this year. 

A 70 MW wind farm is currently being developed in Rokiškis, therefore artists, inspired by a slightly unusual theme, have chosen to execute a plein-air in the neighborhood. I think that this is an excellent idea, so I have decided to support these artists and glance to renewable energy in the form of art. After the artists will have finished their works of art, an exhibition of paintings will be opening July 18 at the Manor of Rokiškis. Perhaps after being encouraged and finding interest in those paintings, more people will understand the benefits and importance that renewable energy provides to our planet! 

Everyone is welcome to visit!


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