Project ‘Cowboy’

Sweden (Hova)
Summer 2017

Project details

Execution day: Summer 2017

Wind turbine type:
Wind World W52/750 kW
Rotor 52 m diameter
750/200 kW
Tower 65 m hight
Location: Sweden (Hova)
Dismantling done in: 2 days

Cranes have been used: 500 t main crane and 70 t helping crane.
In cooperation with owners of used wind turbine – Otterbacken Vind Ek.  East Wind Brokers took dismantling project of used wind turbine Wind 750 kW. All works was done in two working days.

East Wind Brokers main aim was to help for the owner of turbine to reduce costs of the dismantling and selling for reasonable price turbine parts. In 99% of all cases East Wind Brokers to sell used wind turbine for second life use for our costomers in all over the World, however some turbines can be sold just as spare parts and some parts is going for recycling.

Location for the dismantling was very narrow. So, we used just some small space for lifting all turbine parts and especially rotor.

Project “Cowboy” get a name, because of the representative of the owner company was Mr. Lulle Eriksson, who is professional horse rider and participates in many world competitions. We will always be proud that we have had a chance to deal with him.

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