Project ‘Vihreasaary’

Oulu (Vihreasaari), Finland
December 2016

Project details

Execution day: December 2016

WinWind 3 mW (3000 kW) WWD3
Tower 90 m hight
Pitch regulated
Location: Oulu (Vihreasaari), Finland
Dismantling done in: 3 days (2 days preparation)
Cranes used: 750 t (1200) mane crane and 200 t helping crane

WinWind 1 mw (1000 kW)
Rotor 54 m diameter
Tower 60 m hight
Dismantling done in: 2 days

Manufacture WinWind factory in Hamina (Finland) was established in Year 2000. They manufactured 1000 kw and 3000 kw wind turbines.

WinWinD has developed an innovative wind turbine for the market with its WWD concept. WinWinD’s basic values include customer satisfaction and the operational reliability of the products, as well as the win-win cooperation achieved between clients and WinWinD.

WinWind factory stopped manufacturing wind turbines in 2012.

In Year 2016 all WinWind all property was sold. East Wind Brokers have an opportunity to find out all necessary spare parts for WWD3 mW WinWind turbines.

Project implementation

In cooperation with Oulu seaport East Wind Brokers took dismantling project of used wind turbines:

  • The biggest challenge for East Wind Brokers was winter climate on the sea area, strong and freezing wind and cold.
  • Nacelle of WinWind 3 mW weight was 120t so to lift such a nacelle was well planned and prepared.
  • All components of the WindWind turbine weigh approximately 400 t.

Turbine was quite old and it was too expensive (transportation via land and sea logistic) to use it for second life for different projects in other country. So, turbine components were sold to different buyers as spare parts.

Nacelle frame, hub and blades recycled on spot. The most expensive part for recycling took the blades. Total weigh of 3 blades were 33 t. However, recycling company Oy Fereco Ltd made a great recycling work and took care of all challenges and cleaned the area very well.

East Wind Brokers cooperated with: NWE Sales Oy, crane companies Nostokonepalvelu Oy and Helaakoski Oy and transport company Oy AT Specialtransport Ab.

Please enjoy project photos