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Nothing comes easy

It took 1185 days from first step into the wide fields to the first installed wind turbine in Anykščiai.

I cannot describe my gratitude to those people who stand behind. Without them the ultimate goal would not have been achieved.


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European Energy progresses 65MW Lithuanian solar plant

European Energy and its local development partner East Wind Brokers have secured a development permit for a 65MW solar plant in Lithuania. 

The Anykščiai project, which is set to be the largest of its kind in the country once built, received its approval from the State Energy Regulatory Council (VERT) earlier this month. 

Denmark’s European Energy will own the project and provide investment for its construction, while East Wind Brokers has been responsible for originating the scheme and its early development phases. The pair have been working together on greenfield wind and solar investments in Lithuania for the past four years.

Having received a 36-month permit from VERT, the 120-hectare Anykščiai scheme will now move forward to its financing and later-stage development before likely entering its construction phase at some point in 2023. 

East Wind Brokers is also engaged with work in the Lithuanian solar sector with other investors aside from European Energy and will in the next 1-2 years aim to develop around 400MW of additional PV capacity in Lithuania. Meanwhile, European Energy in late October offloaded a 185.5MW trio of onshore wind farms in the country to a Lithuanian buyer. 

The group plans to continue with its investments in the Baltic state after the transaction, with more than 300MW of onshore wind capacity scheduled to be built under its watch during 2022, with another 600MW in the pipeline.

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Towers arrived to Lithuania

After 3 years of hard work finally we can say Wellcome home for our 1st vessel who transported more than 2000 MGT of tower components.

These towers are largest towers ever built and transported to Lithuania. Our Anyksciai and Jonava projects will be supplied by newest and laggest GE wind turbines. 

The 1st 151 m hight Tower will be erected in 2021 August in Anyksciai. Bottom diameter of the tower is 5m and 30 cm!! That create difficulties for inland transportation.

1st 4 x SET of blades and nacelles for wind turbines came with 2nd vessel.
LM blades consist of two parts. That helps to transport them easy. Total length of blade is 78 m. Rotor diameter 158 m.
Long blades and high tower helps to get noice level much lower on the ground.
These giant turbines looks scare, however they are much more friendly to Environment and Health, compare with old and smaller wind turbines.