Project ‘Anyksciai’

Anyksciai, Lithuania

Project details

Execution day: 2021

Anyksciai wind farm up to 49,5 MW will be built in Year 2021!

Summer of 2021 we are starting to build our 1st project in Lithuania which we successfully started together with respective investor and developer European Energy A/S.

Towers arrived!

After 3 years of hard work finally we can say: Welcome home for our 1st vessel who transported more than 2000 MGT of tower components.

These towers are largest towers ever built and transported to Lithuania.

Our Anyksciai and Jonava projects will be supplied by newest and largest GE wind turbines.

The 1st 151 m height Tower will be erected in 2021 August in Anyksciai.

Important facts about towers:

  • Bottom diameter of the tower is 5m and 30 cm.
  • Tower height – 151 m.
  • 1st 4 x SET of blades and nacelles for wind turbines came with 2nd vessel.
  • LM blades consist of two parts.
  • Total length of blade is 78 m.
  • Rotor diameter 158 m.

Long blades and high tower helps to get noise level much lower on the ground.

These giant turbines look scare, however they are much more friendly to Environment and Health, compare with old and smaller wind turbines.

Important facts and achievements:

  • 9 x General Electric wind turbines GE_5,7 MW with 151 m of towers and 153 m of rotor will be soon erected in Anyksciai region (Mid-East of Lithuania).
  • Transformer station up to 50 MW will transmit energy to 110 kV Grid line of (Litgrid AB).
  • More than 5 km of roads were constructed.
  • 9 x foundations for wind turbines are in process.
  • 20 m deep drilling of 64 poles per each foundation.
  • 800 m3 of concrete were used per foundation.

More information about wind farm in Anyksciai region HERE.

Please enjoy project photos